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Build Year: 2023

No.: #EL20234554

​ · 3.5L Petrol 

 · Body Kit


Photo 9-2-2024, 12 17 18 pm.jpg

Vellfire NEW
威尔法 NEW

Build Year: 2023

No.: #Z20232497

​ · 2.4L Turbo Petrol

 · 48km


照片 22-2-2024 上午11 55 19.jpg


Build Year: 2023

No.: #GF20235277

​ · 2.5L Turbo Petrol

 · 21km





Build Year: 2023

No.: #GF20234673

​ · 3.5L Petrol 

 · 10 km


Photo 10-10-2023, 11 55 08 am.jpg



Build Year: 2020

No.: #SC20236223

​ · 3.5L Petrol

 · 15127 km


Photo 10-10-2023, 12 06 46 pm.jpg



Build Year: 2023

No.: #EL20235760

​ · 2.5L Hybrid

 · 397 km


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Build Year: 2022

No.: #SC32100202

​ · 2.5L Petrol 

 · 5km





Build Year: 2022

No.: #SC32300272

​ · 3.5L Petrol

 · 18km





Build Year: 2022

No.: #SC32302292

​ · 3.5L Petrol

 · 17km


The Best Toyota Alphard Vellfire Dealer in Australia

- Enjoy Our Service -

Custom Ordering

To give our customers the best shopping experience we could, we proudly offer the custom order service for our Toyota Alphard/Vellfire customers. Please contact our friendly representatives to personalize your car. We are looking forward to working with you!



倾力打造优质购物体验,我司特别为丰田埃尔法 (阿尔法) /威尔法保姆车用户提供个性化订车服务。具体定制方案请随时联系LZ Motors销售人员,我们时刻准备聆听您的需求,从细节处自由您的定义爱车。



At LZ Motors, our professional finance broker team is passionate about helping you with the best finance solution based on your budget. For more information, please feel free to contact our office for an obligation-free consulting and quality advice.




LZ Motors 的贷款团队尤其善于帮助客户根据预算定制最优贷款方案。无论是否在我司购买爱车,您都可以随时联系我们的贷款经理获得相关专业建议。



Trading-in a car to a dealer is a more convenient way than selling it privately. Here at LZ Motors, we always provide our customers with competitive and hassle-free trade-in cash offers (Terms & Conditions apply).



如何处理已有车辆时常成为客户购买新车的阻碍。LZ Motors 愿为您提供的快速便捷的现金价置换服务(条款及细则适用),大幅度减轻您的私人售卖负担,免除您的后顾之忧。


Vehicle Delivery

If you are looking for your next car but not able to visit our shop to pick it up, LZ Motors would like to provide the high-quality National Vehicle Delivery services for our customers. Just schedule your date and time for delivery with us, and we will co-ordinate with all relevant staff for you.




如果您正在计划购买新车却又担心日程繁忙无法约定时间到店提车,LZ Motors 将在客户购买车辆后提供优质送达服务。您只需与我们商定送达日期及时间,等待您的爱车准时送达您的地址即可。


- Why Choose US -

Reliable Sourcing

As an import car dealer, LZ Motors sources most of our stock vehicles from JDM (Japanese Domestic Market). Every step of the sourcing process is taking care of and guaranteed by our passionate staff. Before purchasing and importing, an independent pre-purchase inspection will be conducted by a trained specialist from our partner company in Japan.


LZ Motor车源主要来自于以车况良好著称的日本市场。同时作为墨尔本乃至澳洲为数不多的保姆车专卖店,我司丰田旗下的埃尔法(阿尔法)/威尔法系列商务车保姆车则全部采购自日本本土。为维护客户利益,我司事无巨细着力管控进口车辆各个环节,在日本的合作伙伴也会于每次购买前派专员实地检查车辆,以确保车源质量。

Affordable Price

To help our customers buying their dream cars with a better price, our experienced staff are watching cars on the Japanese domestic market every day, no matter whether it's from an auction or a dealer stock. Remember that we are always on your side, and our mission is to find you the best possible vehicle for your budget.


作为专业日本进口车行,LZ Motors每周七天无间断持续监控包括拍卖市场以及经销商库存在内的日本本地车辆市场,以为每一位客户以更实惠的价格买到心仪的车辆为己任。请您相信,LZ Moters 每时每刻都会站在您的角度,竭诚为您寻找爱车!


LZ Motors offer every customer with a statutory warranty, which means we will repair any faults covered during the warranty period. To ensure our customers' satisfaction, we could also help our customers arrange a long-term car warranty (Terms & Conditions apply) with Integrity Extended Warranties, one of the oldest dedicated warranty companies in Australia.


我司依法为购买车辆的客人提供质量保证,法定质保期间车辆如发生任何质量相关问题,LZ Motors将负责维修一切事宜。除此之外,客人也可咨询我司销售人员并选择由澳洲本地车辆保险公司(Integrity Extended Warranties) 提供的延保服务(条款及细则适用)。

After-sale Supporting

With our strong partnership with the service workshops, LZ Motors provide our customers with professional and high-quality after-sale services, including maintenance, repairs, car details, and service advice.


为向客户提供更良好的售后体验,LZ Motors一直与优质品牌修车行保持深度合作,通力打造客户专属的专业保养、维修、汽车美容(深度保养)等相关服务。专业维修车行不仅拥有更多经营丰富的维修师,更配有业内领先的维修设备与工具,能够帮助我们为客户更精准快速的做好售后服务。

LZ Motors  为你寻找梦想座驾
We'll Find Your Dream Car From Japan

LZ Motors is simply one of the best import cars dealers located in the South East Suburbs area, Mulgrave Business Park, which is only 20km from Melbourne CBD.


Our focus and priority are on providing more choices on car models and professional import service to Australian customers. Brand new and used Toyota Alphard/Vellfire vehicles are just some found at LZ Motors showroom. Our dealership also allowed us to offer our customers a more extensive selection of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) vehicles, including Nissan Elgrand, Nissan Note, Nissan Leaf, Toyota Crown, Toyota Century, Toyota Estima, Nissan Skyline R32/R33/R34, Mazda RX7/RX8, even some luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz S400H.


As a trusted brand supporting Melbourne community, we promise to make your path to purchasing a vehicle simply and easily with our high-quality services, including but not limited to our finance service, factory-level warranty and after-sale support. Besides, we also offer our customers the custom selects options for brand new Alphard/Vellfire to meet the customized demand. Even if you need to trade in your car, you can also get your hassle-free cash offer on the same day.


We concentrate on the Melbourne market, but our good reputation spread throughout different states all over Australia. For customers from other states, we offer the national home delivery allowing customers to purchase their cars without visiting our store.


Look for an import car? Call 0488 886 884, scan our Wechat barcode, or visit our Toyota Alphard/Vellfire and other vehicles from Japan at 10 Enterprise Court in Mulgrave today!

LZ Motors:保姆车专卖店 竭诚为您寻找爱车

感谢您对LZ Motors 澳洲保姆车专卖店的关注!我司位于距离墨尔本商务中心区仅20公里的东南区Mulgrave商业园,是一家主营日本进口车的政府许可车行。


自开业以来,LZ Motors 一直致力于为墨尔本乃至全澳洲的客户提供更多的优质进口车选择。目前主营车型为被誉为“明星保姆车”的丰田商务车埃尔法 (阿尔法)(Alhpard)及威尔法(Vellfire)系列。除全新和二手丰田商务车/保姆车外,我司亦可向客人提供日本市场在售的更多车型选择,包括但不限于尼桑Elgrand(Nissan Elgrand)、尼桑Note(Nissan Note)、尼桑聆风(Nissan Leaf), 丰田皇冠(Toyota Crown)、丰田世纪(Toyota Century)、丰田大霸王(Toyota Estima)、尼桑天际线(Nissan Skyline R32/R33/R34), 马自达RX7/RX8(Mazda RX7/RX8),以及奔驰S400H( Mercedes-Benz S400H)。


作为一家值得信赖的墨尔本车行,LZ Motors在经营中不断拓宽服务范围与升级服务质量,竭力为客户打造了一条集贷款、置换、质保、售后等多方位服务为一体的综合服务体系。随着客户需求的日渐增高,LZ Moters于2018年始为客户提供个性化订车服务,在墨尔本市场率先提出了针对日本进口保姆车的“个性化订车服务”概念,率先为订车客户明列各项进口车办理过程及费用细则,极速推进了墨尔本日本保姆车市场的专业化透明化进程。


LZ Motors虽地处墨尔本,但有幸承蒙来自于澳洲多个其他地区的客户厚爱,声名得以远播全澳。为解澳洲其他地区的保姆车/商务车爱好者的后顾之忧,我司将会提供跨州送达服务以保证您顺利购买爱车。


如果您正在寻找下一辆爱车,请您无须犹豫,直接拨打我们的电话0488 886 884或扫码添加微信好友预约您的专属服务时间。我们的详细地址为10 Enterprise Court,Mulgrave,VIC 3170.,LZ Motors随时恭候您的莅临!

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