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Dealer or Private Seller for Alphard/Vellfire?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

"Private sellers have a better price."

When we talk about buying a used car, this thinking will come into our mind naturally. Dealers need profit on their vehicles, while a private seller doesn't have the same concern. It is good to check the private seller every time we want to buy a car, but things are different when purchasing an Alphard/Vellfire.

Alphard/Vellfire needs to be imported from other counties like Japan. And its import amount is not too significant for the Toyota 4s dealers in Australia to sell this model in 4s stores. On the Australia market, the information about Alphard/Vellfire is not sufficient enough to let every buyer here estimate the vehicle conditions. That's the reason why you need to find a registered dealer for your Alphard/Vellfire, for we know our cars, give you warranties, handle everything for you about your vehicle and remove your pressure.

Dealers are registered companies. Every dealer has an ACN certificate. Our director has legal responsibility for all the customers. And all the customers are protecting by law and consumer fair. A Used car dealer must follow the stringent regulations, protecting consumers' rights and benefits.

Private sellers have no rule they need to follow. They could do a one-time deal with the buyer, while we must provide customers a stationery warranty for every car we sell, even with more insurance options, which means more protection. For the private seller, there's nothing covered by any insurance.

Dealers run the business under a premise. You can find and contact us anytime. When you check a seller if they are registered dealer, don't forget to ask their LMCT. Every registered dealer has an LMCT. LZ Motors's LMCT is 11772. We can only sell cars with permits in each premise, and one LMCT is issued for only one premise. We need to provide all the history records of all the vehicles we sell. But the private seller does not need to give any specific information about the car, not even follow the law and provide you a roadworthy.

Dealer or Private Seller? The question about this age-old argument always comes to the price. But why dealers price is higher than the private seller? The answer is simple:

We have more bills to pay than the private seller, the business running cost, such as wages, rates, insurances, rent, permits, paperwork, etc. We offer more services than the private seller. And we need a profit to keep the business running to service our customers better.

If you are thinking about buying your Alphard/Vellfire, a professional dealer like LZ Motors must be the best option for you.

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