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Toyota Alphard Australia

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Toyota Alphard Australia

Toyota Alphard Australia 30 Series

As the most popular 7/8 seats luxury MPV (Multi-purpose Vehicles) model on the market, Alphard has been produced by Toyota for almost 19 years since 2002. With Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology, Alphard with the Hybrid engine has also been available from 2003.

Alphard experienced a lot of improvements from the first generation to the third generation. Since the second generation, Alphard has split to Alphard and Vellfire. Even the model was split and named separately, they share most of the designs and functions. According to Toyota's introduction of these two model names, Alphard stands more for luxurious and elegant while Vellfire is express the sporty and leisure-oriented character of the vehicle. If you want to know more about Vellfire, it would be introduced later with another post.

In the Australia market, the most frequently imported generation currently is generation 3. Although generation 1 and 2 have longer production history and more used car stock on the Japanese market, since Australian customers have a higher demand for luxury MPV during recent years, generation 3 is becoming the most popular choice for customers who want to buy Alphard. Especially on the streets of big cities like Melbourne or Sydney, we can find more generation 3 than other generations nowadays.

Alphard's body design is famous for its Luxurious and clean front and rear design, chrome-plated front grille, dual chrome-plated extensions, and the featuring LED combination lamps.

Besides the external design, another main selling point of Alphard is obviously its luxurious interior design, especially the so-called “Alphard First Class Seats." The functions of the second-row leather/semi-aniline leather seats include the power-adjustable seat back and ottoman setting, headrest with an angle-adjustment mechanism, heated and ventilated function, and present memory function. You can even use your Alphard as a temporary office with the individual storable and retractable table.

As an MVP model, Alphard also presents its ineradicable spaciousness to the customers with the split-folding third-row seatback. Its extra-large cargo space has a massive capacity for six golf bags.

There are four exterior color options for Alphard: White Pearl Crystal Shine, Luxury White Pearl Crystal Shine Glass Flakes, Black and Steel Blonde Metallic. Every color could match the black/flaxen leather seats and wooden light brown/brown interior perfectly. The most popular options are Luxury White Pearl Crystal Shine Glass Flakes and Black.

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